if your troubled you just gotta let it go

if your worried baby you just gotta let it go

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There is nothing that effects me as profoundly as loss. What do you do? How do you cope? How do you honor a life? A year later. I am still asking those questions.

Tomorrow I am going to take the day to reflect... look inside myself... try to live a little better... and honor her life.

Please celebrate my friend. Katie Reider.

She is missed... I miss her very much.

Meet Reider!
Here is little Reider. She is a Red Female Shiba. She was born on Feb 26th. In the pictures she is 9 days old.

Pics of Dad and Mom behind the cut!Collapse )

I have a BS in.... well... bs. hahahaha.
I am done with OSU.


Holy crap. thats awesome! So...... you all should come to my partyyyy!
Be there. At new Union Saturday (I know GHop.. whats a girl to do? fight the crowd!) around 7ish.

Yeaaaaa! So come. Oh yeah and first friday at wall if I can stay up that late.

one love. omg.... what am I gonna do? the possibilities!!!!!!!!!!!

I can already hear her sweet voice filling my ears
Tonight T and I are floor 10th row from the center stage at Alicia Keys. Oh yeah thats right. She will be almost this close!!!

So yes.. an amazing night of food.. friends.. and most of all ALICA KEYS. Oh how I love her. I hope she can make it through the show. She cancelled Pittsburgh and Cleveland... her poor voice. The tour just started too. She will be good though I'm sure. A week of rest should have been plenty. Lets just hope Akon doesnt bring his possy.

SMACK THAT! hahaha.

EBeth = Major Entertainer.

One love!

Mark it down! Saturday June 7th! If you will be in the 614 you have plans.
43 days until I take my last final exam.
47 days until I walk ACROSS THE FIELD.

F yea. Between now and then I have a whole crapton to do... but we wont think about that! But we will think about party planning. So I am pretty sure that the big celebration de graduation for all teh gays is going to be at the craziest party ever... of course it will HAVE to be at UNION on GHop Saturday night June 7th. So mark it down!!!! Don't make me find you out on the street and drag you into teh gayness. You know you want to. Nothing is better than margarita pitchers in JUNE. Oh and I will be done with the undergrad! Sweetness. So we will come early and stay late and take over all the tables. Everyone is invited.... EVERYONE. So show up and celebrate my fabulousness.

Okay enough of self-absorbed cocky ebeth.

Also, I just wanted to let you all know that you need to hit up Trey Lockerble and listen to his kickass music!!

I hurt from shoveling.. I wish it was from something else.
It would feel so good right now to push off... carve the river out... flirt with the sun under the trees. I am so ready to jump back into the swiftest current. For it to pull me in, downstream. Lose myself and my thoughts in the quiet. Life has been so loud lately. It's been hard to sort it all out. There are things that are changing in my life and I need to figure out where I belong amongst the new scenery. What is my role? What do I want it to be? What do I want my days to be like? I need time on the water to sort it all out.

The quarter is almost over. 3 tests and thats it for Winter 08. Then it is all about Spring. I would say that I am proud of myself... but not yet. ;)

I don't know if I'm more excited to get done with this quarter or start the next.... so I can get all my class schedules together. I want to know when my last day is. Once I know then I can plan to hit the rivers. I am going the day after I am done with classes and not a moment later.

How many days until June 8th?
136! I mean... I don't know?! ;)

Okay. Lets face it. EBeth is counting down. I would count down the mins if it wouldn't be so time consuming. I think I will get one of those countdown clocks today for the comp. Maybe I will post it so you all can be reminded as frequently as you want about my date of achieving bachelors SUPREMACY!

Aside from actually graduating my life has consisted of work, work, school, and vacation planning. I feel like I need to plan the perfect no people... good food... and most importantly GREAT beach vacation for myself and my best girl. I deserve it... but if anyone deserves it more it would be her for putting up with my ridiculousness for the past two school years. We are on track and on plan all things considered with only a few minor.. crisis..

Okay so Kristen and I both REALLY want dogs. In particular the exhibit above. Well we live in the glorified dorm room here in apt A. That doesn't mean we don't dream every now and again. In June hopefully I will come back revitalized from vacation.. to a new job and we can start really pursue our dream of capitalism (what was it that Bill Gates was talking about in WSJ today.... "compassionate capitalism"?! bs.) Sure we can do that too. This time next year we will be talking about searching for the new crash pad and hopefully taking the steps to start extending our own little family. How cute... and lesbionic.

Anyways all is well here pretty much. Just trying to stay on track to success. What am I going to do with myself when I graduate?! Oh yeah. Set more goals. Gotta love being hungry for life and not letting opportunities slip away. Travel on the weekends? Run a marathon? Grad school? All of the above?! Probably.


We are leaving for South Beach... yesyes.... now.

So much love to all of you. We will be back.. better than evAR... and with pictures!

call the cell but if I dont answer its because I am one with the sun.

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I am conflicted, so I run.

The clouds hold on to the rain. Skies are gray... my mind wanders to try and find the black and white. I look up and wait to feel the first drop hit the bridge of my nose. Keep pressing forward one more block... breathe... just one more mile. 

I arrive. 

The sky is still a gray mess... undefined. I am left searching for the black and white in this day.

Overall life is good. That just popped into my mind as I got to the steps of the youth center. Life is full of so many questions and choices. How do we know what we do is right? I don't. I guess all you can do is follow your heart. Thankfully mine is in the care of the most loving woman in the world who will do no wrong ;). Yes I can be crushed at any moment. I am extremely vunerable if you think about it that way. But I guess inorder to feel the greatest love you must expose yourself to the possibility of the greatest pain. Hm.

Rascal Flatts in ...2....1......eeeeeeE!
The Rascal Flatts show is... sunday... SUNday....... SUNDAY! eeeeeeeeeE!

We are sitting this close...

Yeah thats right... so close I will be able to see the sparklies on the pants of Gary LeVox. ahhhhh 23rd rowwww! So much better than Row 9 (hahaha. katie reider song). That my friends.. is worthy of an ElJay post. Also noteworthy.... I have Monday off so that means it's okay to stay up late. Football was on the TV last night.. yeah so the Colts lost... ya gotta let Romo get one win this year (hahaha even if it is preseason). They will be fine.

Lovin life... lovin love... lovin summer!

PS. We get a couch in 3 days...! Life is oh so good. =P Now if we can just get people to stop messing with Kristens car (yes im talking to you stupid window basher.. and YOU stupid side denter! STOP IT). I will cut you biatch!


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