if your troubled you just gotta let it go

if your worried baby you just gotta let it go

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Rascal Flatts in ...2....1......eeeeeeE!
The Rascal Flatts show is... sunday... SUNday....... SUNDAY! eeeeeeeeeE!

We are sitting this close...

Yeah thats right... so close I will be able to see the sparklies on the pants of Gary LeVox. ahhhhh 23rd rowwww! So much better than Row 9 (hahaha. katie reider song). That my friends.. is worthy of an ElJay post. Also noteworthy.... I have Monday off so that means it's okay to stay up late. Football was on the TV last night.. yeah so the Colts lost... ya gotta let Romo get one win this year (hahaha even if it is preseason). They will be fine.

Lovin life... lovin love... lovin summer!

PS. We get a couch in 3 days...! Life is oh so good. =P Now if we can just get people to stop messing with Kristens car (yes im talking to you stupid window basher.. and YOU stupid side denter! STOP IT). I will cut you biatch!


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