if your troubled you just gotta let it go

if your worried baby you just gotta let it go

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I am conflicted, so I run.

The clouds hold on to the rain. Skies are gray... my mind wanders to try and find the black and white. I look up and wait to feel the first drop hit the bridge of my nose. Keep pressing forward one more block... breathe... just one more mile. 

I arrive. 

The sky is still a gray mess... undefined. I am left searching for the black and white in this day.

Overall life is good. That just popped into my mind as I got to the steps of the youth center. Life is full of so many questions and choices. How do we know what we do is right? I don't. I guess all you can do is follow your heart. Thankfully mine is in the care of the most loving woman in the world who will do no wrong ;). Yes I can be crushed at any moment. I am extremely vunerable if you think about it that way. But I guess inorder to feel the greatest love you must expose yourself to the possibility of the greatest pain. Hm.


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