if your troubled you just gotta let it go

if your worried baby you just gotta let it go

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How many days until June 8th?
136! I mean... I don't know?! ;)

Okay. Lets face it. EBeth is counting down. I would count down the mins if it wouldn't be so time consuming. I think I will get one of those countdown clocks today for the comp. Maybe I will post it so you all can be reminded as frequently as you want about my date of achieving bachelors SUPREMACY!

Aside from actually graduating my life has consisted of work, work, school, and vacation planning. I feel like I need to plan the perfect no people... good food... and most importantly GREAT beach vacation for myself and my best girl. I deserve it... but if anyone deserves it more it would be her for putting up with my ridiculousness for the past two school years. We are on track and on plan all things considered with only a few minor.. crisis..

Okay so Kristen and I both REALLY want dogs. In particular the exhibit above. Well we live in the glorified dorm room here in apt A. That doesn't mean we don't dream every now and again. In June hopefully I will come back revitalized from vacation.. to a new job and we can start really pursue our dream of capitalism (what was it that Bill Gates was talking about in WSJ today.... "compassionate capitalism"?! bs.) Sure we can do that too. This time next year we will be talking about searching for the new crash pad and hopefully taking the steps to start extending our own little family. How cute... and lesbionic.

Anyways all is well here pretty much. Just trying to stay on track to success. What am I going to do with myself when I graduate?! Oh yeah. Set more goals. Gotta love being hungry for life and not letting opportunities slip away. Travel on the weekends? Run a marathon? Grad school? All of the above?! Probably.

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I knowwwww. So cute. Everyone else has pets! Why can't we?! Oh yeah.. we arent ever home and need to save more money and have no space to put him/them. oops. Minor details. Oh and that puppy was of course at petland.. which we wont every get an animal from ever because they are horrible. But he was still sooo cute! ahkashf.

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