if your troubled you just gotta let it go

if your worried baby you just gotta let it go

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I hurt from shoveling.. I wish it was from something else.
It would feel so good right now to push off... carve the river out... flirt with the sun under the trees. I am so ready to jump back into the swiftest current. For it to pull me in, downstream. Lose myself and my thoughts in the quiet. Life has been so loud lately. It's been hard to sort it all out. There are things that are changing in my life and I need to figure out where I belong amongst the new scenery. What is my role? What do I want it to be? What do I want my days to be like? I need time on the water to sort it all out.

The quarter is almost over. 3 tests and thats it for Winter 08. Then it is all about Spring. I would say that I am proud of myself... but not yet. ;)

I don't know if I'm more excited to get done with this quarter or start the next.... so I can get all my class schedules together. I want to know when my last day is. Once I know then I can plan to hit the rivers. I am going the day after I am done with classes and not a moment later.


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