if your troubled you just gotta let it go

if your worried baby you just gotta let it go

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Mark it down! Saturday June 7th! If you will be in the 614 you have plans.
43 days until I take my last final exam.
47 days until I walk ACROSS THE FIELD.

F yea. Between now and then I have a whole crapton to do... but we wont think about that! But we will think about party planning. So I am pretty sure that the big celebration de graduation for all teh gays is going to be at the craziest party ever... of course it will HAVE to be at UNION on GHop Saturday night June 7th. So mark it down!!!! Don't make me find you out on the street and drag you into teh gayness. You know you want to. Nothing is better than margarita pitchers in JUNE. Oh and I will be done with the undergrad! Sweetness. So we will come early and stay late and take over all the tables. Everyone is invited.... EVERYONE. So show up and celebrate my fabulousness.

Okay enough of self-absorbed cocky ebeth.

Also, I just wanted to let you all know that you need to hit up Trey Lockerble and listen to his kickass music!!


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