if your troubled you just gotta let it go

if your worried baby you just gotta let it go

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I can already hear her sweet voice filling my ears
Tonight T and I are floor 10th row from the center stage at Alicia Keys. Oh yeah thats right. She will be almost this close!!!

So yes.. an amazing night of food.. friends.. and most of all ALICA KEYS. Oh how I love her. I hope she can make it through the show. She cancelled Pittsburgh and Cleveland... her poor voice. The tour just started too. She will be good though I'm sure. A week of rest should have been plenty. Lets just hope Akon doesnt bring his possy.

SMACK THAT! hahaha.

EBeth = Major Entertainer.

One love!

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1. Alicia Keys is fucking FIERCE. Love her.
2. Update your LJ. This is old.
3. Are we hanging out this weekend?
4. Rexie's birthday is today.
5. Are we hanging out this weekend?
6. Did I mention that we should hang out this weekend?

That is all.


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