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if your worried baby you just gotta let it go

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Meet Reider!
Here is little Reider. She is a Red Female Shiba. She was born on Feb 26th. In the pictures she is 9 days old.

Here is Dad. Diego. He is very handsome! Very polite and laid back.

Here is Mom. She is doing such a good job with her pups. Her litter had three total (two girls and a boy).

Just thought I would share! We are really excited to be bringing her home April 23rd. Hopefully I will be posting more pictures soon.

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Thank ya! BTW you have the cutest little girl EVAR! I love it when you post pictures!!

Thanks! I think she's pretty cute, too!!

OH EM GEE! This is so exciting! You are parents now! How beautiful!

Thanks hon. I am really excited/nervous/omg! I hope you are doing well.

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